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Most of our customers are new home buyers working with local real estate agents. Our goal is to provide a resource for them to address any home inspection/repair concerns quickly, professionally and at a fair price.


Your testimony will help us do just that. I mean, who wouldn’t sign up after receiving your personal testimony?





Our customers will see your testimony when they view the Service Providers quote.


As you can see from Trinity’s testimonial above that we encourage real estate agents and small businesses to refer service providers as well. Just put your contact information at the end of your testimony in case our customers want to reach out to you.


To tell your service provider how excited you are to brag about their services send them this email now:



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Hi Service Provider,


I am recommending you to TheHomeInspector.Team.


It’s a referral platform that connects homeowners with qualified service providers such as yourself.


It’s free to sign-up and quote all the work you want. When you get hired, you make 90% of your quoted amount and 100% of your tips.


After you sign up go to the ‘Testimonials’ tab in your dashboard and enter my photo (attached) and the following title and text:


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