How it Works



As soon as you know that you’re going to buy the house we would like for you to look to The Home Inspector Team for your home inspection and all your homes future service needs.


Submitting a service request gets you quotes from local, realtor referred home service providers. Hire the provider you want and pay for the service when it’s completed, with the exception of home inspections which must be paid up front before the report is delivered.
Here's how a home inspection would be requested:
Realtor: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, to take care of the home inspection and any other concerns quickly, I will be signing you up for The Home Inspector Team.
This is a private referral platform for realtors to connect their clients with realtor referred home service providers.
By requesting these services through the platform you will be receiving multiple quotes from different providers so you'll know you’re paying a fair and honest price.
The providers that I recommend will have my personal testimony when you view their quotes.
You will be receiving an email shortly notifying you of your new account and another one notifying you that the request for a home inspection has been submitted.
Usually within minutes you will start receiving email notifications from home inspectors with quotes to do the inspection at the date and time you specified in the form, no more adjusting your schedule to fit the inspector’s availability.
Then choose an inspector by clicking on the 'Hire' button in the providers quote.
The day before and 15 minutes before the inspection begins, both you and the provider will get reminder emails.
When the inspector has finished the inspection, he will leave a review of  you, the customer and mark the request complete.
You will get notified that the inspector has finished the inspection. Leave a review of the inspector and pay for the inspection. 
The inspector will email you access to the report.
This completes the home inspection request.
Submit multiple requests with just one form!
Your agent and you will look at the report and decide there are 5 different service providers that are needed to complete the concerns on the report.
So you come to the site and complete 1 form for all 5 services. In the service request you upload the inspection report and in the description you say 'I need 1a, 2a, 2b, 7a, 7d, 7e, and 9a taken care of'. 
When it’s submitted the system will automatically generate 5 requests and let the appropriate service providers know.
Within minutes you start getting quotes to do the work.
Again choose the providers you want and pay for the services when they are completed.